Development of ToolProduction – new factors of digitalization are considered drivers of this significant GAP-innovation in Mechanical Engineering and the Machine Tool Industry

The target of the new GAP-project is to develop an all-encompassing system that plans and controls processes according to ‘Industry 4.0’. The project focuses on the production of rotation-symmetric precision tools. ToolProduction (TP) is the name of a GAP project that digitally models the whole process of precision tool manufacturing from an incoming order to design, simulation, production, quality management, controlling, as well as warehouse and distribution logistics. This sector-overlapping interconnectivity is enabled by TP’s modular design, which also works across borders, regardless of the respective production location. The modules ToolDesign and ToolSimulation are the centerpieces for the digital construction and simulation of tools. Together, these systems will allow for a digital and decentralized process control of all departments in tool manufacturing.

Sheme of Information-Flow in the ToolProduction System

GAP ToolProduction

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