GAP GmbH, the ‘Gesellschaft für angewandte Prozesslenkung’

GAP is an Association for Applied Process Control and has cooperated with technical universities including Aachen, Dortmund, Stuttgart, and Bochum since 1988. As part of a cooperation that bridges the gap between science and industry, GAP has developed management tools and digital control systems for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in various research projects.

GAP focuses on the development of digital control systems for SMEs and provides counseling for international companies in the field of digital process optimization. Moreover, GAP works in close partnership with various research facilities, organizations, and service companies. We analyze the insights we have gained about deficits in industrial process control in SMEs and combine this information with our practical experiences in the manufacturing industry.

In this context, the environment of Cutting Tool Producer Schumacher Precision Tools proved to be beneficial, as it allowed us to contribute ideas and research input.