Simulative Tool-Life-Tests using 3D-Models and FEM-methods

The module ToolSimulation simulates and quantifies the performance of 3D tool models – digitally constructed with ToolDesign – as they are used in pre-defined work piece models with their respective properties.

These CAD-3D-models of tool variants are then used in the new system for simulating their performance in ToolSimulation. In this GAP development project, the simulation process is realized with a high processor performance through complex modifications of a standard simulation software. As a start of the process, the user of ToolSimulation is guided through an interactive description of the work piece. This digital work piece obtains all properties that are required for the simulation from a programmed database.

This way, new tool variants are being tested in simulation before they enter production or further optimized by modifying the 3D models in ToolDesign. This procedure reduces development cycles of new tool variants and moreover minimizes expenditures for field testing.

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