The Objective: improving threading performance through synchronized machining

In machining centers with numeric control, feed and rotational movement are synchronized for threading operations. This synchronization can provide strong advantages for the use of machine taps – if the tap geometry has been modifi ed accordingly during the design process. The new tap line NUMERIC has been developed with the construction system ToolDesign to allow for signifi cantly increased threading performance when employed in machining centers with numeric control.

The Technology

  • optimized cutting geometry
  • reduction of frictional resistance between tool and workpiece through geometry variations – developed by Schumacher ToolDesign
  • edge preparation: increase of the tap‘s cutting edge stability through a new procedure for defi ned substrateand cutting data-specific honing
  • high-alloyed powder-metallurgical steel as cutting material
  • special hard material coating

The Advantages

  • reduction of standstill periods in capital-intensive machining centers
  • higher cutting speeds through reduced thermal strain and reduced frictional wear
  • improved tool life through optimized selection of geometry, substrate and coating