Experience in Developments of Digital Control-Systems

GAP’s scope of work in the field of management tools:

Process Control

  • Order Processing – CAP/PPS
  • Optimization of set-up costs
  • Data management – product and process-oriented
  • Cross-departmental digital process control for SMEs in accordance with ‘Industry 4.0’

Costs and Finance Management

  • Cost center planning
  • Product group profit analysis
  • Break-even analysis
  • Calculation of direct and full costs
  • Liquidity planning


  • Databank-based parameterization
  • Variant construction
  • Automated CAD-construction using algorithms
  • Product application simulation using FEM– Rapid Prototyping

Machine Control – AI

  • Databank-based parameterization – macros
  • Performance Control
  • Tool wear analysis – neural networks – artificial intelligence (AI)